😊 well you guys are living proof that if you enjoy what you do for a living it never feels like "work" ! Well I'm sure you have those not so great days lol but when you do then you don't show it to your clients and that's what makes you stand out... you are professionals and the passion you 3 have for helping others dreams come true shines! You helped us not once but twice! And if we're lucky enough then there will be more future opportunities to work together again! 😉wishing you guys a lifetime of success! 😘"


I really hope you remember me, I was a client and a very good friend of Willy.  You all helped me find the home in which I was able to re-make my life and begin new and happy memories.  I've been meaning to write you for a very long time and just now was able to take a moment to do so, because my life has been super busy the past year.  I wanted to share a picture with you of how great I am doing in my happy home.  Since I bought the house,I got married and now have a beautiful baby girl, her name is Christina.   I'm pretty sure you remember our boy too. 

 I just really wanted to say THANK YOU so much for being so caring, honest, and patient.  You helped bring all this happiness.  Hope you are all doing well.

·  Recently I had the pleasure of conducting business with members of your staff selling my apartment in the Brickell area and buying a new one in Coral Gables.  I want to commend Alina Gonzalez, Silvano Gonzalez and their transaction coordinator, Diane Gonzalez of EWM Realtors.  They were all outstanding in their work.  Their extreme professionalism, diligence, promptness and efficiency are unsurpassed.  Moreover, the patient, courteous and pleasant manner in which they handled my questions and concerns was superb.  They are an asset to your organization and a credit to the professions.
·  We would like to take this time to recognize and give a warm thanks to the Gonzalez Team at Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell Realtors for making the transaction of selling our home a pleasant experience.  From the minute we picked up the phone and spoke to them, we realized that they were the team of choice for us.  They treated us with the utmost respect and made us feel as if we were part of their family.  Their knowledge and professionalism made it easy for us to cope with the headaches of selling our home and especially considering that we had changed jobs and were at the time living in a new and different city.  As a team, Alina and Silvano Gonzalez worked hard in making this transaction one I will definitely consider doing again.
·  I came across your names after inquiring in your organization about whom should I write to express my thankfulness and appreciation for Alina Gonzalez and her team. After moving to Florida in August 2000, it was my good fortune to have met Alina Gonzalez. She helped me to find a home, service repairs, etc and made me feel comfortable in a new city by giving me much information just about anything related or not to real estate. Alina’s professionalism and personal touch resulted in such a good experience in real estate that I wanted to buy more properties as an investment opportunity.  As a result of this, for the past 4 years I have bought five properties (apartments/houses) all of them with the help of Alina. Most recently, I bought a townhouse in Boca Raton which my wife and I will be closing on Feb 28th. At the same time, Alina’s team is making my life easier by taking care of all the aspects of renting my current home in Weston, Fl. I also wanted to thank Silvano and Diane, which are key players to Alina’s success and let you know that I will be sharing Alina’s contact with my friends and colleagues. You certainly must be satisfied to have this team working under the EWM logo.
-   Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did selling our condo in Kings Creek.  As if it were not enough that the condo was being sold because of the passing of a dear friend, you had seven heirs living in all parts of the country as the seller, the worst market conditions in recent history, and the unit had not been updated in thirty years...And you got it sold for a great price in a couple of months.  All this delivered in a pleasant, professional, knowledgeable manner with meticulous attention to detail. You're the greatest!
-   Working with the Gonzalez Team (Silvano Gonzalez, Alina Gonzalez and their transaction coordinator, Diane Gonzalez) has truly been a remarkable experience.  The team is highly motivated, honest, dependable, and efficient in everything they do.  They are always one step ahead of the process and straightforward with you.  The professional, prompt and courteous service provided stands above the rest.  I highly recommend their services.
Alina & Silvano Gonzalez
Alina & Silvano Gonzalez
Sales Executive